There is now a Full English Breakfast Kebab (and it's brilliant!)

The two greatest foodstuffs known to man have come together to create something truly majestic.

By Ben Brown | 6 September 2019

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There was once a time in my life when I could demolish a kebab the size of a newly born baby at 4am in the morning, walking back from Tokyo Project in Oldham, head to my mate Chris Leach’s house, fall asleep watching Tron and then smash a Full English when I woke up – and still look thin.

Those days are long behind me, all I need to do is walk past a kebab shop and inhale sharply to put on 6lbs so this latest creation by BAB has come as news to my ears.

Combining two of the world’s greatest food inventions, the Full English Kebab is exactly as fucking brilliant as you’d expect – and certainly something you should be tucking into after a night out on the tiles.

Available as part of BAB’s brilliant new Brunch Menu, the Full English Kebab comes loaded with some seriously thick spiced sausage, smoked bacon and egg – finished with a flourish of sauce to make the whole thing 10z better.

Don’t be silly – get involved. You know it makes sense.


Breakfast BAB

Venue: BAB
Date: Every Saturday and Sunday
Time: 10am – 2pm
Cost: £9.50


BAB, Little Lever St, Manchester M1 1HR
0161 806 0813