NOW IN MANCHESTER: The UK's First CBD-Infused Burger!

Icon Burgers have launched 'The 420'...

By Ben Brown | 22 June 2021

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Setting up shop at Brickhouse Social in April, ICON BURGERS have brought a seriously fresh breath of air to the city’s burger offerings – with a menu that can only be described as… a bit bloody mad!

ICON have recently moved into the city after making a massive splash over the Pennines in Huddersfield with their unique take on burgers and loaded fries – with a menu that includes some truly mental creations.

There’s their Fried Cheeze Burga (£9.95) a beef burger which is then coated in buttermilk and deep fried, and their Cheetos Chicken Burga (£9.45) which comes fried in USA imported Spicy Cheetos and topped with Cheetos crisps and a homemade nachos sauce.

Krispy Kreme Burger (with Stuffed Doritos)

Let’s not forget their Krispy Kreme Burger, which comes stuffed between two waffle-grilled doughnuts and are limited to just 6 a day.

Going one further this week, Icon have created the ‘420‘, a CBD-infused creation that could very well be the UK’s first ever – and something that firmly cements this place as the city’s newest must-visit burger joint.

The last few years has seen an explosion in the use of CBD in foods and drinks – and it’s position as a ‘superfood’ is firmly unshakeable at the moment. Known for its unique nutritional properties, as well as medicinal, helping with relaxation and pain-relief, nausea- and anxiety-relief.

Hiding behind the seemingly innocuous-looking burger is some serious science and a LOT of creativity. Starting things off with frying the burger, the butter is infused with 300mg of peppermint CBD oil, which the patty is then cooked in.

In addition, they also add CBD to the house sauce, plonk that on top of the burger, as well as serve it on the side for you to dip your fries in.

The standard dosage of CBD in each burger is 300mg, but if you like you can ‘SUPERCHARGE’ your 420 Burger – increasing that to over 3000mg of the stuff!

As they used to say in the Loreal adverts – here’s for the science bit… A study back in early 2020 at the University of Minnesota found that CBD absorption was vastly increased when it was taken with high fat foods – meaning there can be up to 14x more CBD absorbed into the body when compared with taking it alone!

So having your CBD on a burger, smashed and fried in butter, topped with a tasty house sauce, that’s also been infused with CBD – well, you’re going to absorbing LOADS more – meaning the effectiveness of CBD’s effects is massively increased.

It also helps that the burger tastes bloody fantastic – and is a testament to the passion, knowledge and experience that Icon Burgers have curated over the last couple of years.

They’re doing some of the most interesting things with burgers in the city – and they’re well worth a visit. The 420 Burger is a winner too – make sure you order it ‘supercharged’!

Icon Burgers are currently located within Brickhouse Social on New Wakefield Street.


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