This NQ Rib Joint is now serving up the World's Best Vegan Burger

Cane & Grain have added a Vegan Burger to their menu and it's actually really, really good!

By Ben Brown | 21 June 2019

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Beyond Meat have pretty much burst onto the scene in the last year and have been absolutely smashing it all over the globe. The reason? Their burger is not only 100% vegan – it also manages to taste and feel like a proper meat patty.

Don’t ask me how they do it – because I’m not some nerdy food scientist who can even begin to think about answering that question. All I know is that it’s about as far removed from the usual idea of a vegan burger you can think of.

Here’s the blurb…

It’s the world’s first plant-based burger made from pea protein, with all the qualities of beef – the smell, taste, texture and behaviour of a real beef burger, only it is 100% vegan.

This thing even ‘bleeds’ when it cooks! It’s almost as if Buck Rogers came back from the 25th Century with a picnic hamper full of the most advanced foods imaginable.

Well, the NQ’s favourite rib joint Cane & Grain, a place that is known the city over for its meat, have started selling their Beyond Meat Vegan Burger, complete with vegan cheese and BBQ sauce. I’ve tried it and it’s brilliant.

Head on down ASAP to give it a try and who knows – you might just decide to give the whole vegan thing a proper try!

Cane & Grain, 49 -51 Thomas St, Manchester M4 1NA
0161 839 7033