OPENING SOON: "Cutting-edge" Cocktails at Deansgate Square's First Bar

You'll surely have seen these skyscrapers at the end of Deansgate...

By Ben Brown | Last updated 16 June 2021

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…well, news has reached our ears about a new “cutting-edge” cocktail bar that’s set to be heading there in Spring 2021.

Credit: Matt Short

Deansgate Square is certainly an impressive development, and it’s also one that divides opinion throughout the city and further afield. In just a couple of years, these HUGE towers have seemingly popped-up out of nowhere – dominating the city’s skyline for good.

Gone are the days when Beetham Tower and the CIS Building were the only tall buildings in Manchester – now there are loads, and they’re mainly concentrated within the same square mile and strangely – they all look exactly the same.

Whatever you may think of the Deansgate Square development, it’s here to stay, and if you’ve been to the foot of the buildings you’d have noticed ample retail and leisure space available – which we’ve finally received news about today.

Okay, so nobody has told us about this, we saw it on the Manchester City Council licence application site, as well as a job listing, but there’s a bit of information that you might find interested.

Named ‘ATOMECA‘, this new European ‘drinkery’ will be serving up speciality coffees, “cutting-edge” cocktails and will have a strong focus on top quality wines, set to operate from early in the morning until late at night.

Quite how this new bar will perform in such a new area of the city is unknown. It’s not too far away from Deansgate or Castlefield, but with thousands of residents in the development, and the promise of something special – I can’t see why it won’t do swimmingly.

That’s it. There’s no Instagram or socials as of yet. I suppose the best thing I can say is to keep an eye out on OUR socials for any developments.