OPENING SOON: Ezra & Gil tease NEW location...

The NQ coffee and brunch specialists may have found their new location in the city.

By Manchester's Finest | 19 January 2021

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If you’ve walked down Peter Street at any point over the last year or so, which I know might actually be rather unlikely considering we’ve seemingly all just been stuck in our houses, then you might have noticed a boarded up spot sandwiched between Asha’s and Peter Marcus Hairdressers.

You may have also noticed a huge Ezra & Gil logo slapped on the boardings, a logo that has been there since day one and has teased the arrival of the Northern Quarter brunch and coffee specialists to the busy area.

Well, this week saw Ezra & Gil tease the long-awaited opening of their new site on Peter Street, with an Instagram post declaring 2021 to be their year. So I think it’s safe to assume that they’re ready to open, and just waiting for this lockdown/pandemic to be finished before officially launching for good.

You can expect the same exceptional selection of coffees, teas and brunch dishes as you would at the wildly popular Northern Quarter venue, and we simply cannot wait for it to open – giving us another place in which to devour some Smashed Avo whilst watching the world go by.

Head on over to their Instagram to keep an eye out on developments and announcements…

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