Pimp up your Christmas Dinner with the Harvey Nichols Foodmarket & Wine Shop

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for that perfect gift or a way to make your Christmas sparkle, the Foodmarket and Wine Shop at Harvey Nichols has everything you need for your most sophisticated Christmas yet.

By Manchester's Finest | 7 December 2018

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There is nothing more daunting than cooking a Christmas dinner from scratch- but luckily for us, Harvey Nichols  Foodmarket and Wine Shop is full of stunning products aimed to make our Christmas day that little bit easier.

For Santa Claus…

Who has time to make Santa mince pies anymore? I certainly don’t. Although, I do feel a lot of pressure when it comes to it. Imagine how many mince pies he eats every Christmas Eve – he has to be a connoisseur of the things and I bet her turns his nose up at crap ones. With that in mind, these mini Traditional Rich Fruit Mince Pies are perfect and as a pack of 12, it means you have 11 more to get through yourself over the Christmas period- which is rather nice indeed.

For Your Roast…

When it comes to the main event- your Christmas turkey- our friends at Ross & Ross has got you covered with their amazing Roast Turkey Rub which will pack in all the flavour you need and help you get that gorgeous golden glow. They also have some Roast Potato Oil infused with smoke, rosemary and garlic which will make your roasties the tastiest, fluffiest and crispiest you have ever had. Finish this off with a spoonful of Ouse Valley Cranberry & Blackcurrant Conserve spiked with port and you have yourself a perfect Christmas roast right there.

For Your Sprouts…

I know, I know, you all hate sprouts, but I reckon you haven’t given them a real chance. If I was you, I would head straight for the deli counter and order a hunk of their Pancetta Affumicata– or smoked pancetta. Boil your sprouts until al dente and then fry the pancetta in a little oil until crisp and add the sprouts at the last minute to soak in all that fatty goodness. If you’re feeling super adventurous, shred sprouts in a food processor and fry with the pancetta, garlic and plenty of black pepper for a complete Christmas revolution with delicious results.

For Your Table…

Who wants shitty crackers nowadays? Certainly not me. The days are gone for the novelty that comes from a rubbish dad joke, a paper hat and a plastic toenail clipper- I want something nice. Luckily, Harvey Nichols can boast a plethora of gorgeous Christmas crackers from the downright stylish to something a bit fun.  My favourites were these cute Photobooth Crackers which are adorable and just what you need to take some silly photos this Christmas.

For your Pudding…

I know nobody really likes it, but Christmas wouldn’t really be Christmas without a pudding, even if it is just for show or traditions sake. Just in case you do like it though, the Harvey Nichols one is seriously good (according to my mum), which is worth its weight in gold as it takes all the faff out of making one yourself. What I do know for sure though, it how good the brandy butter is (which I have on my festive sticky toffee pudding every year) – an easy combo to take the stress right out of Christmas.

For Afters…

Christmas is all about indulging after all, and what is more delicious than a cheese board just for the grown-ups? We will certainly have the late night munchies in our house, and so we will be stocking up on some delicious cheeses from every corner of the globe. Harvey Nichols’ cheese counter is incredibly well stocked with delicious cheeses like Comte St Antoine, Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire, Monte Enebro and Stinking Bishop just to name a new. Pair these with one of the many chutneys that have in stock and some of the delicious cheese toasts by The Fine Cheese Company.

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