Pimped-up Fries on the Dog Bowl Menu

Where would we be as a nation without chips? What would we eat on a Friday night? Or a Saturday night? Or when you are hungover on a Sunday?

By Manchester's Finest | 17 April 2018

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It doesn’t bear thinking about. But do not fear- if it is chips you are after look no further than the menu of loaded fries over at our good old friend Dog Bowl.

To go over the basics, they are all skin-on, crispy AF, and covered with a healthy dose of the elusive red salt- which I can only assume is made with one part salt, one part paprika and one part opium.

You can, of course, keep things simple with the salsa topped fries (which do not get me wrong are delicious) but I do not know why you would when you have the likes of the chorizo fries to tempt you. These bad boys are topped with crispily fried nuggets of chorizo, the sweetest caramelised onion you have ever tasted and topped off with a fried egg.

The Cholula Chicken consists of grilled chicken breast, sour cream and chive hits that sweet spot somewhere between nachos and a delicious chicken taco and is a substantial meal on its own. Keeping things in the Mexican ballpark, you will find a delightful five bean salad fresh spring onion topped fries with spicy cheese- an excellent choice for veggies.

However, the stand out star of the show had to be the loaded Cuban fries. Unfortunately for you, this was not the most photogenic plate of food I have ever encountered, so you are going just to have to trust my opinion when I say it was mouth-wateringly good.

The fries are topped with succulent pulled pork, which I usually am not a fan of at all so maybe this is what made such an impact. It wasn’t overwhelmingly flavoured with barbeque sauce and instead was full of herbs, spices and seasonings which set it above the rest.

On top of the pork was a layer of thick cut pickles, Monterey Jack cheese (melted, naturally) and finished off with a squeeze of yellow mustard. Long story short, I can’t stop thinking about it.

Seriously, do not be treating these delicious monstrosities as a side dish- they are the main event, and I can guarantee you aren’t going to forget them quickly.

Dog Bowl, Whitworth St W, Manchester M1 5WW
0161 228 2888