Post-COVID Bucket List #7: Sausage & Egg McTacos, Natural Wine & Good Times

What more could you need?

By Alex Watson | Last updated 17 March 2021

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Wolf at the Door originally burst on the scenes at the back end of 2019 backed by a team of people who have created many of Manchester’s most-loved bars. There was no question that this would be your new favourite place.

And that it really, really was.

When I think about where I really want to get back to when this all blows over, there are two main places that stick out for me. That’s Bay Horse – although, Ben has already covered that institution on the Post-COVID Bucket List – and Wolf at the Door.

Opening with a slightly different concept to what we know it now, Wolf at the Door relaunched in January 2020 ready for a banging year. We had just a short six weeks to get acclimated to their new offering and their spanking new Taco and Bao Bun menu before Covid would rip fun right out of our hands.

In that short but seriously sweet pre-lockdown period, there were many things that drew me back to Wolf at the Door almost every weekend, the chic decor, the friendly staff and tasty tacos starting at a quid to name a few. But one of the biggest was Aspall’s Cider on tap.

At this point of our Covid-journey, I think I’d give an entire paycheck to be sipping on a frosty pint of Aspall’s sat next to strangers on a wonky (in a cool way) wooden table with a few bao buns on the way.

When that first lockdown ended – and I’m sure you all vividly remember July 4th 2020 – Wolf at the Door cracked open their front doors and started flinging out little discs of joy for just £1.

They were topped with the likes of Hoisin Mushroom, Pork Pabil and even a vegan Berlin Currywurst taco too.

Just a few short months later and bao buns returned to the menu. A creation sent from heaven. There’s something about that mix of a soft, chewy bun and a crispy filling that gives me life.

And then, in October 2020, the best thing Thomas Street has seen happened. Bitesize hashbrowns.

Wolf at the Door’s breakfast menu, including the Sausage & Egg McTaco, the naughty Deep Fried Avocado Bao and the truly sublime Hash Brown Bao incorporated a tasty little bag of mini hashy b’s. You just don’t get much more ‘ooooft’ than that.

Breakfast tacos and buns were even served until 2pm to help battle BoJo’s 10pm curfew. Wolf at the Door adapted, like most restaurants during this time, opening up earlier, switching on a coffee machine (delicious – by the way) and settled the city’s mid-morning hunger pans with drool-worthy bitesize breakfast baos and tacos.

Throughout lockdowns they kept the city watered delivering natural bottles of wine right out of the shop front that could accompany one of their fantastic Tuesday Taco Kits too.

That sort of concludes Wolf at the Door’s short but outstanding biography for now. I can’t wait to be trollied in here again soon.

If you can’t wait until then, you can order some of their cocktails via I would if I were you.

Wolf at the Door