The Cheese Quiz at Stretford Sip Club. Surely not?

It's been running for ages - surely it can't be a quiz JUST about cheese?

By Ben Brown | 29 March 2019

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Well, the simple answer is no. Sorry. It’s not a quiz solely about cheese – even to someone who could chomp cheddar all day that would be going a bit far – I mean, surely there are only around 20 actual questions about cheese?

No, this is a general knowledge quiz, much in the same vein as most of the ones that you’ve been to in the past. So where does the cheese come in?


Now we’re talking. Oh yes. If you manage to win the quiz you’ll get yourself a ‘massive lump‘ of cheese. Now, that’s quite a vague amount – is it a wheel? A block? A triangle of Dairylea?

I honestly don’t know – I’ve never been but I tell you what – I’ll personally go to this quiz, win it and let you know.

The next Cheese Quiz at Stretford Sip Club is on Tuesday 16th April at 8pm. It’s only a quid to enter.

Actually, before I go, here’s a couple of cheese questions for you. The first person to email me on with the right answers can win a full WHEEL of Laughing Cow and a tub of Primula…

1. What animal does the milk used to make Roquefort come from?
2. Which cheese features in the 2005 movie Wallace & Grommit, Curse of the Were-Rabbit?
3. Fondue is the national dish of what country?
4. What makes the holes in Emmental?
5. What is the best cheese in the world ever?


The Cheese Quiz

Venue: The Stretford Sip Club
Date: Tuesday 16th April
Time: 8pm
Cost: £1


The Sip Club, 164A Barton Road, Stretford, Manchester M32 8DP
07903 310125