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Terry Christian to be quizmaster at Manchester music quiz at legendary Corbieres

By Lee Isherwood | 12 March 2012

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Terry Christian to be quizmaster at Manchester music quiz at legendary Corbieres

Broadcaster and DJ Terry Christian will host a Manchester music quiz inspired by the legendary jukebox at Corbieres, the cellar pub in Half Moon Street in the city centre. The PPL Manchester Jukebox Quiz is hosted by PPL, the not for profit music licensing company which licenses recorded music for broadcast, online and use on TV, radio and other public places that use music  (bars, restaurants, gyms, shops, hairdressers etc.)The evening event on Monday March 12th (see details below) will see teams of up to 5 battling each other over brain teasers about Manchester artists. Teams can win the top prize of £100 worth of i -Tunes vouchers plus a bottle of champagne with the second prize a £40 bar tab at Corbieres.  There will also be some spot prizes on the night.

Proceeds from a suggested voluntary donation of £10 per team will go to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital charity. Jonathan Morrish of PPL says: “Jonathan Morrish of PPL said: “Music can really lift a pub or a bar and have an amazing impact on atmosphere.

“Jukeboxes give people a chance to play their favourite tracks and it’s great that different pubs have music selections which reflect their clientele.

“Corbiere’s jukebox is legendary, as from its opening in 1982, it carried lots of indie Manchester music. We know people go there just to play their favourite songs on the jukebox.”

And PPL, which licences the playing of recorded music in the media and public places across the UK, wants to find out what Mancunians’ favourite jukebox is. Other much-loved jukeboxes in the city centre include Big Hands, Oxford Road and the Temple of Convenience (off Oxford Street).

Now PPL has joined forces with Manchester Confidential to get people talking online about their favourite juke box and their best juke box memories. Playing music in a business can have significant rewards and PPL will be at the Bar and Restaurant Show at Manchester Central on March 12 and 13 to talk to business owners about the benefits and legalities of music licensing.

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