Protect the Protection! Top Manchester Pub needs YOUR Help so it doesn't Disappear Forever

The Britons Protection are in trouble, and are appealing to the Manchester community for help.

By Ben Brown | Last updated 5 April 2022

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This afternoon Manchester boozing institution, The Britons Protection, have posted on their social media channels asking for help and support from the local community – to help keep the pub that we all know and love.

The issue is that Heineken (Star Pubs) have opted to take the pub back into their managed house portfolio – meaning that the current landlord needs to fight for renewal of the lease, to stop them from taking the pub back.

“If they do it will not be the same Manchester institution as you know it.”

This will come as distressing news to anyone who has ever been for a pint in this outstanding pub and local institution. After putting “10 years of passion” into making the pub what it is today, they could see the rug being pulled from underneath their feet, by a huge company who “do not have the portfolio to support offering what makes the pub unique.”

“It would be devastating to us and the local community to see It been made into another clinical bar.”

The Britons Protection already has the support of many local institutions such as CAMRA, Manchester Whisky Club, The Peterloo Society and local MP Lucy Powell.

A brilliant pub garden!

They’re now calling on “every patron to rally behind us and keep the Britons the pub we know and love.” They’ll be launching a petition over the next week or so and, even better, pop down, grab a few drinks and show your support in person.