Pumpkin Carving, New BABS and 2 Hours of Bottomless Booze this Halloween at BAB

They're celebrating Halloween with new BABS, booze and pumpkin carving...

By Manchester's Finest | 16 October 2020

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It took me a while to come up with the title you see above. In trying to digest and relay the Halloween plans of BAB in the Northern Quarter – there’s almost TOO MUCH going on!

It could have been easy for me to just pick the things which I find most important and interesting – in other words, food and booze, but I would have missed out one of the biggest things they’re up to – PUMPKIN CARVING. Let’s start from the beginning shall we…

So, on Thursday 29th October and Saturday 31st October, BAB will be hosting a special Halloween event, one where you can take part in some pumpkin carving, try one of their 3 brand-new Halloween themed kebabs and enjoy plenty of booze.

The Harissa Octopus Kebab

Fillet Steak and Foie Gras Kebab

For £11 you can do the pumpkin carving and drink a cocktail, while for £20 you can add a Halloween BAB to that. But what we all really want is this – £40 for the pumpkin carving, cocktail, Halloween BAB +++ 2 hours of unlimited Amstel, Prosecco and Halloween cocktails. That’s the one innit!?

What about the new BABS? Well there’s the Fillet Steak; with foie gras, parmesan, bloody mary chilli sauce and kalamata olives, the Grilled Harissa Octopus; with chorizo, avocado puree, sour cream and roquitto peppers and the Satay Cauliflower; with kimchi, house sriracha and puffed noodles.

The Satay Cauliflower Kebab

So this Halloween – there’s no point just sitting inside and waiting to get annoyed by those stupid trick or treaters. Get out, get some kebabs down you, tuck into bottomless booze for two hours and have a bloody good time in the NQ. You know it makes sense.


BAB at Halloween

Dates: Thursday 29th October @ 7pm, Saturday 31st October @ 12pm and 3pm
Cost: £40 for pumpkin carving, Halloween BAB and BOTTOMLESS booze for 2 hours.

To book call: 0161 806 0813