The Best Places for Chicken Wings in Manchester

There's a wing out there for everyone - even Apple Pie wings! Here's our best...

By Ben Brown | Last updated 20 January 2022

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Bunny Jackson’s
The undisputed champions of the chicken wing in Manchester, Bunny’s have pretty much revolutionised the wing game in the city since appearing just over a year ago – meaning everyone else has to up their game to compete with them. It’s really hard though because not only are Bunny’s wings really, really good – they also start at just 10p each (for the naked ones). If you want one of their sauces on there they’ll only cost you a measly 20p each! I mean – this is clearly the place to go if you’re wanting wings?!

Bunny Jackson’s, 1 Jack Rosenthal Street, Manchester M15 4RA


Credit: @fat.sam.eats

South Manny Flavaz
The South Manny lot have taken the Arndale Market by storm since opening up back in June and their brilliant wings are one of the main reasons for this. As you’d expect from experts in all things fried chicken related, their wings are excellent, and you can get them in a range of hot sauces – such as Louisiana and Texas BBQ. Absolutely mega.

Arndale Market, 49 High St, Manchester M4 3AH


It might seem a little silly to go to such a lovely restaurant for their chicken wings, but the Salt & Pepper beauties at Tattu are well worth it. Of course, you should probably order a few other things off the menu, but you just HAVE to get these little appendages of heaven. I’ve been in love with Salt & Pepper seasoning since before I hit puberty, and Tattu’s is one of the best – sweet, savoury and with a little kick – these wings are some of the best that will ever grace your lips.

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Tattu Restaurant and Bar, Gartside Street, 3 Hardman Square, Spinningfields


You might not have heard much of Marsei’s unless you live in Old Trafford, but I’m telling you now – you need to go. Even if you’re not in the mood for wings, their chicken is out-of-this-world good and you’d never have thought you’d get food this good from a shipping container next to a hand car wash. Get their 10 piece Jerk Wings and Chips and have the best time.

Marsei’s Food, 222 Kings Rd, Old Trafford, Stretford, Manchester M16 0GR


Cane and Grain
If you’re a cow or a pig, you’re going to give Cane and Grain a massive wide-berth when you come to visit Manchester – the place almost literally oozes the juices of ribs – nicely topped off with some form of dry rub and BBQ sauce. Now you can add chickens to this list because they also offer some rather lovely chicken wings on their new ‘slimmed down’ menu. They’re big, they’re juicy and they’re coated in some form of sauce of your choosing.

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Cane & Grain, 49 -51 Thomas Street, Manchester M4 1NA


This Hulme institution is the perfect place for some truly outstanding Caribbean grub, and as you’d expect, their wing game is flawless. Their wings are coated in their special Buzzrocks dry seasoning – which you can even buy off their website should you want to re-create them at home. They still won’t be as good as sitting in and having them there though.

Buzzrocks, 166 Stretford Rd, Manchester M15 5TL


You may remember MOJO’s from such nights as ‘That one where I lost my bank card’ and ‘I seem to remember dancing on a table and falling off onto someone’s head’. One of the best late-night venues in the city, MOJO also serve up a rather extensive food menu until 10pm each day and chicken wings are a rather impressive addition to it. Their standard wings are great, but where they really shine is with their vegan Jackfruit ‘Wings’ which means that you don’t have to be a meat-eater to enjoy the finer things (wings?) in life.

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MOJO, 59A Bridge St, Manchester M3 3BQ


Yard and Coop
Home of the Buttermilk Fried Chicken in Manchester – Yard and Coop pretty much feature chicken in every single menu item. They bloody love the feathery little mugs – enough to cut them up, brine them for 24 hours, buttermilk ’em and then fry them into a crispy crumb. Their wings come in a choice of 4 flavours – Buffalo, Salt & Pepper, Dr Pepper BBQ or just on their own. I suppose that’s just 3 flavours really then isn’t it!?

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Yard and Coop, 37 Edge St, Manchester M4 1HW


El Capo
Because everyone is a fan of alliteration, as well as saving money and eating, El Capo have a Wing It Wednesday every week where anyone hoping to put a chicken appendage in their mouth can do so – for only 50p a pop. So that means that if you want to eat 10 wings, it’s only going to cost you a fiver. If you want to eat 50 wings, 25 quid baby! If you want to beat the world record for wing eating; that’s 444 in 26 minutes, then it’s going to set you back £222 – which is stupid really. Nobody wants to eat that many wings in such a short time – unless you’re American that is.

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El Capo, 12 Tariff St, Manchester M1 2FF


Pull Up Cafe
This Northern Quarter Caribbean joint serve up some of the city’s best chicken wings which have been marinated for 24 hours in their special Pull Up seasoning. The recipe for which is a very closely guarded secret – not even a crisp tenner rolled up and placed in a top pocket can convince them to tell you what they put in it. Enjoy alongside a few ice cold beers and plenty of napkins.

Pull Up Bar Cafe, 14-16 Swan St, Manchester M4 5JN


Red’s True Barbeque
The XXXL Pit Smoked BBQ Wings at Red’s True BBQ on Albert Square are smoked for 2 hours before being coated in one of six sauces – Lemon Pepper (v. Mild), Unholy BBQ (Mild), Buffalo (Medium) or Devil Wing (Hot), Zingy Alabama or Cajun-spiced Louisiana. Coming in at £6.95 for 3 you might feel that this is a little bit steep, considering you could buy around 367 wings for the same price in some other places in town. But the wings here are extremely large – which sort of warrants the extensive use of the letter ‘X’ in the title – in fact – I’d say they are reminiscent of the kind of wing you would expect to find on a parrot or some of the more resilient coastal gulls – huge.

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Red’s True Barbecue, 22 Lloyd St, Manchester M2 5WA


Jerk Junction
This Chorlton jerk joint have a couple of pretty special wings on their menu – with their Jerk Hot Wings (£2.50 for 4) being easily some of the best you’ll ever get your lips around. They’ve got a massive bit outside too in which you can sit in the sun with loads of wings and a couple of sides and watch the world go by.

Jerk Junction, 170 Manchester Rd, Firswood, Manchester M16 0DZ
0161 881 6635


Zumu Asian Street Food at Dive NQ
Before lockdown, Dive’s kitchen was being looked after by the gang from Wilmslow’s Zumu but there’s one thing that chicken wings have managed to do and that’s transcend all cultures and tastes. There’s a few Asian flavoured options on the menu including some ‘Kamikaze Wings’ ‘Dynamite Wings’ and the obligatory Salt & Pepper Wings. Of course you’re going to go for the Salt & Pepper Wings – they are certainly going to be the tastiest ones.

Dive is yet to re-open after lockdown so keep an eye out on their socials for when they’ll be open again and you can get your hands on them wings.

Dive NQ, 12 Tib St, Manchester M4 1SH


The Old School BBQ Bus
Certainly somewhere that you need to see to believe – the Old School BBQ Bus just outside Oldham is the result of owner Mark’s obsession with all things BBQ – and obsession that resulted in him buying a huge American school bus and cooking meat in it. He’s now created himself his own ranch, with a MASSIVE smoker outside that cooks the food to perfect. Their wings are big, juicy and always perfectly cooked – be sure you get some when you visit.

The BBQ Bus is still yet to open after lockdown – keep an eye out on their socials for when those doors open once more.

The Old School BBQ Bus, Alford St, Chadderton, Oldham OL9 7LP