Pride Rainbow Kronuts at Albert's Schloss this weekend

Cross a Doughnut with a Croissant and you've got one of the greatest pastry products known to man - the Kronut.

By Ben Brown | 24 August 2017

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When you combine two seemingly random things, the results can be surprisingly impressive. Combine a pen and a clock and you’ve got the perfect piece of office stationary. Combine a potato and a human and you’ve got the hardest mechanic on Albert Square, and cross a Doughnut with a Croissant and you’ve got one of the greatest pastry products known to man – the Kronut.

Knowing that anyone who tries one just has to have more, Albert’s Schloss have recently introduced this concoction of dough to their impressive menu – painstakingly creating, proofing, rolling and frying them every single morning in their huge, dedicated kitchen.

With Pride this weekend, they have decided to put a little spin on the kronut, and allow customers to come in and make their own rainbow kronut with 50p from each sale going to the Terrance Higgins Trust.

From Friday 25th to Sunday 27th, pop in to Schloss, perhaps with your dog, and try your hand at making one of these multi-coloured beauties. I was sent instructions on how to make my own kronut at home, but the technique is terribly complicated – best to let the experts do it so you can just enjoy scoffing them right down.

Albert’s Schloss, 27 Peter St, Manchester M2 5QR
0161 833 4040