Parklife boss Sacha Lord will pay everyone’s bill at the Thirsty Korean in Chorlton this Sunday

As much as you want to eat and drink, no questions asked

By Ben Arnold | 17 August 2023

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Warehouse Project and Parklife boss Sacha Lord is going to pay everyone’s bill at the Thirsty Korean restaurant in Chorlton this Sunday, in solidarity with the struggling hospitality industry.

Lord has asked Mancs to ‘try and rinse’ him, and anyone going into the restaurant on Sunday (August 20) will have their bill paid – as much as they want to eat and drink, no questions asked.

In a video posted to Instagram, he said: “You might remember that last summer I decided to do a tour of Greater Manchester for all 10 boroughs and it was announced in advance I’d turn up on a Sunday, choose one bar and for one hour I bought everybody free drinks and I had the time of my life and met so many amazing people. 

“And because of that I’ve decided to do something very similar again. I’ve met with the owner and she’s amazing, she’s lovely, She’s got great pride in what she does. 

Photo credit: Greater Mancunians Project

“Doors will open at four o’clock and close at 10:15pm, and between four and 10:15 go in there, eat as much as you want, drink as much as you want because I’m footing the bill. It is that simple, there is no catch.

“Just walk in, she’s not taking bookings that day, just walk-ins, but eat as much as you want, drink as much as you want and yeah try and rinse me.”

The restaurant, owned by Eunji Noh, has featured on Finest in our Suggested By You series, after readers lauded the place with praise.

It specialises in Korean dishes including jeon pancakes, kimchi rice and, of course, fried chicken served up with Korean beer.

“We need to support these independents, as you know. This place came on my radar actually in November when somebody sent me an article,” Lord went on.

“The article was an interview with the owner and she had been bullied coming out of Covid into trying to take out some advertising and she was left there in tears.

“I’m doing this to help hospitality, to help independents, but actually let’s do what we do best in Manchester and let’s stand up to those bullies. I’m going to be there enjoying the food, enjoying the drinks, we’re going to have a great day.”

thirsty korean

Speaking to Finest, Lord said: “Every time I open my socials, every time I turn on the news, I see stories of more and more independents closing. Operators are reaching out to me on a daily basis, and it’s heartbreaking as people are losing their livelihoods, businesses and in some circumstances, their homes.

“I’m dedicating each and every day to continually fighting to help save the sector, not just in Greater Manchester, but for the UK. I came across the owner of the Thirsty Korean, Eunji, from an article I read, where she had been bullied into buying advertising, and reduced to floods of tears.

“How could someone do that, on a small family business just coming out of Covid?

This is my way of supporting a local independent, but also standing up to bullies. I know times are tough and people are watching every penny, but if you can, please

try and support your local Indies.”

You can find the Thirsty Korean at 127 Manchester Road in Chorlton. And you can expect a road block…