Sunday Lunch at Brasserie Abode

My memories of Sunday Dinners when I were growing up are not very good at all. Luckily now as an adult I can take advantage of the excellent £9.95 Sunday Roast deal at Brasserie Abode.

By Ben Brown | 8 June 2017

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My memories of Sunday Dinners when I were growing up are not very good at all. If it was me mam cooking them then they were usually pretty excellent, but I’d always feel a bit bad that she was cooking for loads of people when I knew for sure that she’d much rather just be getting sloshed on rum and eating cheese.

My dad’s roast dinners on the other hand were a completely different kettle of fish. We were ‘treated’ to one every Sunday, which he would start prepping and preparing at around 12ish. Once everything was ready he would bung it in the oven and then pop off to the pub for a few pints.

These few pints would undoubtedly turn into 10 John Smith’s, and so he would come back and start dishing up his ‘Roast’ with the co-ordination of Phil Mitchell after 3 weeks on the crack. I’m not sure what he used to cut the meat, but it looked like he karate chopped everything and just piled it high on a plate with the vain hope that the gravy would mask any burnt bits.

It didnt.

Nowadays though I can look forward to making my own, and bloody good they are too. But nothing really compares with going out and buying one at a posh restaurant, and Manchester is certainly not short of places in which to get your Roast On.

One such establishment is highly-regarded hidden gem Brasserie Abode, who offer a rather good Sunday Lunch for only £9.95. With this you get a choice of Roasted Shoulder of Lamb, Roast Beef and Horseradish or Roast Pork with Pink Lady Apple Sauce. For any Vegetarians out there, there’s a couple of options for you too.

With this you also get some red cabbage, truffle cauliflower cheese, green beans, carrot, swede purée, roasted potatoes and a belting Yorkshire pudding. Not bad considering the price, and you can also enjoy a fair few cocktails (or John Smith’s) without the worry of burning everything or scarring your kids for life.

Brasserie Abode, 107a Piccadilly, Manchester M1 2DB
0161 200 5665