Sushi Mondays are back at Sakana

It is scientifically proven that Monday’s suck. You’re still hanging from the weekend; you are filled with the guilt that comes with the number of chips you consumed, and you have 278 emails yet to go through.

By Manchester's Finest | 22 February 2018

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But I’ve got something that is going to cheer you up. Although Sakana has gone through some cosmetic changes as of late and joined forces with Ocean Tre23sure to become 23 Peter Street, the Monday deal for 50% off sushi at Sakana we know and love is back. So here’s to getting the week off to the best start.

The sushi at Sakana is perfect. They have a fabulous range of sashimi, but the real star of the show would have to be the sushi rolls. I always go for the Tiger Roll Uramaki which is a sushi roll filled with tempura prawn and cucumber and smothered in beetroot, Japanese mayo and crispy onions.

Another favourite of mine is one of the Chef Specials; Tuna sashimi aloft a crispy square of fried sushi rice with spicy mayo and Chinese chives. If that doesn’t perk up your Monday, I don’t know what will.

So, all you have to do is head on over to their website and book online, being sure to quote ‘SUSHI MONDAY’ to receive 50% off your table full of sushi- thems the rules.

Chopsticks at the ready- I’ll race you down there.

Sakana, 23 Peter St, Manchester M2 5QR
0161 884 1292