Taco Tuesday: £1 Tacos All Night at El Capo

The great British Pound. It first arrived in note form, was subsequently replaced by a little chubby disc of metal, and now resembles something Buck Rodgers would find in his purse - all shiny and gold and silver and magical.

By Ben Brown | 28 August 2018

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It’s had a hard time recently though. Basically, it’s just not worth much anymore. As a kid £1 was a magical token that granted you access to around 3 days’ worth of toffees, crisps and pop, with a bit left over to have a few games of 2p Up with your mates.

Not anymore. You’d be lucky if your £1 would buy you a KitKat Chunky in most places, and if you find yourself craving a big bag of Quavers in a boozer, you’re going to have to get that crumpled up fiver out of your wallet because that quid just isn’t enough I’m afraid.

There’s one place where the downtrodden pound coin still holds its own though and that’s El Capo on a Tuesday. That’s because it’s Taco Tuesday and every taco is only £1 all night!

There’s a delicious and varied selection to choose from including Slow Roasted Pork, Chicken, Pulled Beef, Chipotle Panga, Chipotle Smoked Sweet Potato (v) and Kale & Mushroom Manchego (v). I’ve tried them all, and even though I’m an absolute sucker for the Pork – they’re all wonderful.

The Panga in particular was excellent; a proper Mexi-Cali speciality – the fish managed to retain its flavour while still being complemented by the crispy spiced batter and tangy salsa. Similarly, and surprisingly, the Kale and Manchego cheese worked so well together that they should probably elope to Gretna Green and disappoint their parents.

It seems to be that it’s not a case of how much you can afford on a Tuesday, but more like how many you can eat. I’d probably say around 8 before you start to feel the Taco Sweats™  but then again – I’m a greedy little sod.

So well done to the English Pound. You might not be relevant in WHSmith’s any more but El Capo have got your back!

El Capo, 12 Tariff St, Manchester M1 2FF
0161 237 3154