Tattu Winter Menu: Review

Tattu serves up a sophisticated menu and a relaxed dining atmosphere for winter.

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 9 February 2017

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Tattu Spinningfields have released a new winter menu, we booked in mid-week to try a selection of the new dishes, and a couple of the new cocktails of course.

Despite having all the perks of editing this website I rarely get to go out for dinner when it isn’t work, as such and despite it being one of my favourite restaurants in Manchester I’ve only been to Tattu a handful of times. But don’t feel sorry for me, those handful of times were brilliant dining experiences and my latest visit was no exception.

My partner is a fan of the Kardashians TV programme, I am not, however she assures me that if Tattu was in LA Kim would definitely love it. I can’t really comment on that but what I can say is that along with it’s glamour and striking pink blossom tree, Tattu serves up a sophisticated menu and a dining atmosphere that sees family’s, couples and friends of all ages getting a 5 star treatment.



The winter menu has some notable new additions, such as the Spicy Pork Wonton with Szechuan & peanut in the Dim Sum which we doubled up with the Mixed Dim Sum Basket (Wagyu, black cod and prawn, chicken truffle, scallop, shitake) – I can heartily recommend the Mix for 2 people, pair that with Yuzu Hand Dived Scallops that oozes Instagram appeal and you’ll be out of the blocks strong.


Mains we opted for Caramel Soy Beef Fillet with Shitake and asparagus, this came recommended by 2 waiting staff so either it was all an elaborate ruse, or it genuinely is a main dish favourite. We also went for the Chinese Barbeque Chicken with Chili, sweet soy and garlic – presented beautifully and tasting as good as it looked.


Dessert wise there seems to be only 1 choice on this winter menu and by that I mean there is plenty of choice, but you should just order the Banana Fritter with Maple, hazelnut and banana. The theatrics alone are enough to make this dessert a hit, but wait until you taste it.

I must mention the cocktails. We had 2 during the evening: Ink me Drink me which is genuinely a work of art, a gin based cocktail that looks like a swirling universe, achingly beautiful. And the Smoking Aces which somehow has a playing card frozen in an ice ball. Fantastic.