Tattu's Journey Through China: Guangdong

We’ve collaborated with contemporary Chinese restaurant Tattu to take you on a journey through China with a unique series of gastronomic events hosted in Tattu’s private dining room.

By Steven Pankhurst | Last updated 8 February 2018

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Each event will be inspired by one of four regions of China, beginning with the Guangdong province and its traditional Cantonese cuisine, travelling north west to Szechuan, then returning eastwards to Anhui and ending the journey in the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai.

With a seven dish menu for each dining experience created by head chef Jon Green, guests will be guided on a tour of the most influential culinary regions that have shaped many of the dishes which have become synonymous with Chinese cuisine across the world.

We sat down with Jon to talk through his inspiration for the journey and why he thinks these events are a must for passionate foodies out there.

“It’s impossible to sum up Chinese cuisine in one sentence, which is one of the reasons why I fell in love with this style of cooking. Once you understand the principles of sweetness, spice, salt and acidity, then you can start to play around with ingredients and seasonings to get those combinations of flavour into each dish.

As it’s such a vast country, it’s only natural for there to be such an array of cooking methods and flavour profiles that have been shaped by the landscape and the produce available. We’re starting our journey through China with the Guangdong province which is one of the areas famed for its Cantonese cuisine.

In the city of Guangzhou, they like to use traditional cooking techniques and blends of flavour. This is an area we take inspiration from for the foundations of any new dish we look to create at Tattu. It is real nose to tail cooking, with stern and bold statements of flavours, there are no ingredients without a purpose.

For this menu we’ll be serving dishes such as traditional Chinese white cut chicken, with a punchy chicken thigh broth, sesame breast and a five-spiced leg. There’s also a beautiful, deconstructed sweet and sour pork dish that is really special.”


Tattu x Manchester’s Finest Journey through China: Guangdong

7 dishes (view menu)

Date: Thursday 15th February 2018
Time: 7pm
Cost: £40 per person

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Tattu, Gartside Street, 3 Hardman Square, Spinningfields, Manchester, M3 3EB
0161 819 2060