Wahaca: Review

By Tim Alderson | Last updated 11 April 2016

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There”s been a fair few imports from that-there-London recently, with restaurants from the capital scrapping for the opportunity to set up shop in our fair city. Places like Hawksmoor and Iberica have enjoyed great success bringing their brands of dining up North. The chain I was most excited about sampling though, was Wahaca. I have to confess to possessing more than a passing interest in chilli sauce, and I reckon Mexican food”s recent popularity is for good reason, it”s got something for everyone.

pea empanadas

There are a fair few options on the menu, which our waitress talked us through really thoroughly, but nevertheless we thought we needed some nibbles while we took time to make our decisions. Guacamole with Chicharrón style pork scratchings and chorizo topped frijoles served with tortilla chips was all tasty. We also went for couple of margaritas, classic and hibiscus. They came in tumblers but their quality belied their containers and they were as good as you”ll get in my opinion.


Choices made then and we got a load of stuff to share that got brought out as it was ready. Pea & mint empanadas were a nice combination of fresh n fried and the chilli quesadillas were pretty good too, if not as spicy as they could”ve been. There are some hot sauces on the table though. Next we went for a trio tacos with online casino pork pibil – tender meat topped with pink pickled onions, plantain with frijoles and feta, and fish tacos with shredded slaw, chipotle mayo and pickled cucumber. It”s difficult not to just list things when you”re writing about sharing plates, but there was plenty going on, and I think most people would find something they loved on a varied menu. Most importantly the tacos themselves are delicious, when done right those little corn vessels can really be the main event.

fish tacos

Dessert was unavoidable, you can”t ignore churros really and here they came with a caramel sauce as well as chocolate, double dip. We also shared the buñuelo, a crispy, sweet fried pastry topped with ice cream and tomatillo jam. I”ve developed a bit of a penchant for tequila recently, so was looking forward to trying the mezcal, a spirit also made from agave nectar, and it didn”t disappoint. We had El Recuerdo de Oaxaca and Del Maguey and they were the perfect end to a meal, the former salty, and fruity, the latter spicy and smoky. I should also mention you”ll find all your usual favourite Mexican beers, and the option to spice them up michelada style.


I”ll admit it. They”ve been open a little over a month and I”ve already been twice and, judging by the queues to get a table, so has most of the rest of Manchester. In case you haven”t, you”ll find super friendly service, a bar full of Mexican drinks and tasty food for any persuasion.