Salford butty shop brings potato milk to Manchester for Veganuary

And they’re giving away free potato milk coffees throughout the month!

By Emma Davidson | 17 January 2023

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Dry January, Veganuary, get your shit together-anuary, tis the season for sorting your life out and turning to health trends, for 31 days at least.

Veganuary tends to be one of the more popular ways to spend the bleak and cold month, as not only does it mean consuming more veggies, it also means rediscovering your creative flair in the kitchen. 

Ditching the dairy is another compromise that comes with Veganuary, but plant-based milks have slowly made their way into the hands of a reusable coffee cup generation. Many people – vegan or not – are now favouring an oat milk coffee over the once celebrated cow’s milk. 

Image: supplied via Sndwch

Oat, almond, soya and even cashew, there’s a slew of animal-friendly milks now available on the market, but Salford butty shop Sndwch has dropped the newest contender – a potato-based milk made using the UK’s favourite vegetable. 

Created by DUG, a plant-based Swedish drinks company, Sndwch is the first Manchester cafe to serve the starchy beverage. The new blend is not only smooth, creamy, low in sugar and allergen-friendly, but it’s planet-friendly, too.

The climate footprint of potato milk is two-thirds lower than cow’s milk, and because growing potatoes is twice as land efficient as growing oats and uses 98% less water than almonds, it’s more sustainable than other plant-based milks too.

Image: Jonathan Pow

If you’re keen to try out the milk alternative, Sndwch is doing a deal for Veganuary in which you can enjoy a free potato milk coffee with any of its new plant-based sandwiches. New additions include a NOT a Tuna, Spring Onion & Nori Seaweed Sesame Bagel and a NOT a Spicy Fried Chicken Onion Bagel. They join existing bestsellers including the NOT a Chicken Tikka & Onion Bhaji Sndwch.

“I only recently discovered potato milk and was a little sceptical at first!”, commented Sndwch founder, Alex Markham, “But it’s delicious – the consistency is very much like dairy milk. It foams up beautifully in coffee and adds creaminess to any hot drink.

Image: Jonathan Pow

“Veganuary is all about keeping an open mind and we’re daring customers to try something completely new. We hope letting people try a potato milk coffee for free will help with the financial pinch this time of year.”

As well as at its two sites in MediaCity, the vegan sandwich range will be available across the entire General Store group, which also has outlets in Ancoats, Castlefield, Deansgate, Moss Side and Stretford Foodhall. Sandwiches start at £3.50.

Sndwch Salford is offering a free medium-sized potato milk coffee with the purchase of any plant-based sandwich from 10th – 31st January 2023.