Salt & Pepper Okra Fries, Prawn Toast & Tofu Pakoras: Bundobust goes Indo-Chinese!

The popular Indian Street Food & Craft Beer specialists have announced brand-new Indo-Chinese specials...

By Manchester's Finest | 14 July 2022

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Inspired by the fiery fusion of Indian and Chinese flavours that began in Kolkata and swept worldwide, the new specials are informed by the cuisine’s hybrid origins with a modern Bundobust take.

The four new dishes, which launch on 18th July across Bundobust Brewery, Manchester Piccadilly, Liverpool, and Leeds restaurants, celebrate the historic culinary craze of crossing Chinese cooking styles with classic Indian spices and vegetables.

To rapturous effect chefs at Bundobust have given their much-loved Okra Fries a Northern-inspired Indo-Chinese makeover with their limited-edition SALT & PEPPER OKRA FRIES. The great Chinese Chippy concept meets Bundo’s No.1 street food dish – both of the North to create something exclusively for the North.

Alongside the upgraded fries, Bundobust has managed to pay homage to a UK Chinese favourite, Prawn Toast, with classic Gujarati ingredients for an ‘all crunch, no crustacean’ veggie treat. GOBI TOAST sees deep-fried garlic and ginger minced cauliflower sesame soldiers served with a Coconut Korma dipping sauce.


If you’re after a ‘mein’ course then Bundobust has also added their rendition of the classic HAKKA NOODLES – soy-sauce coated Indo-Chinese spiced noodles with red and green peppers, cabbage and mushrooms. This is one of Kolkata’s key Indo-Chinese dishes, named after the Hakka-speaking Chinese immigrants that established India’s first Chinatown.

Last but not least, Bundobust has finally given in to customer demands using tofu for the very first time with Tofoo 65. Using Northern company’s Tofoo’s celebrated product, Tofoo 65 boasts battered TOFU PAKORAS served in a spicy sauce rich with Chinese Five Spice, curry leaves, garlic and mustard seeds. A modern Chinese spiced re-imagining of the classic Chennai Hotel Buhari 1965 recipe.

All four specials can be ordered alongside existing Bundobust staples and are best enjoyed with Bundobust’s very own beers – served exclusively in their restaurants via Bundobust Brewery on Oxford Street.

Bundobust’s Indo-Chinese specials are available 18th July – 29th August 2022.


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