ShinDigger team up with Ancoats' Crozier Drinks to launch BEER COCKTAILS!

They might sounds a bit odd, but they're actually really, really good...

By Manchester's Finest | 7 October 2021

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Born during the pandemic in Ancoats, Crozier is a premium quality, fruit first cocktail brand, offering up plush aluminium bottles full of premium spirits, fresh fruit and other exotic and exciting ingredients.

Delivered directly to your door, the drinks are perfect as gifts or for dinner parties or other events, and they offer up a range of impressive concoctions including a Mango, Lime & Cayenne Margarita, Cherry Bakewell Sour and a banging Apple Pie Martini.

This week has seen Crozier team up with Manchester brewers ShinDigger to create a series of limited edition BEER COCKTAILS – which are available to buy now on ShinDigger’s fantastic Greater Manchester 90-min delivery service.

There are two concoctions available:

Lush Cocktail (13%)
This sweet and refreshing cocktail is made using ShinDigger’s Delicious Lush Tropical IPA as a base. To this Crozier have blended premium vodka, delicious Guava juice and tart cranberry to create a cocktail that highlights everything great about this delicious tropical beer.

Pio Cocktail (13%)
Taking influence from the leading flavours in ShinDigger’s fantastic Pio beer, Crozier then add premium White Rum, sweet pineapple puree, and sharp passionfruit into the mix, all of this blended with the fizz of ShinDigger Pio to create the perfect light and refreshing cocktail.

Both cocktails are available from ShinDigger’s Beer Delivery Service or Crozier’s own site…

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