The Indian Spiced, Marinated BBQ Packs perfect for a Sunny Weekend!

Feed 5 people for just £30 and get it delivered right to your door!

By Manchester's Finest | 13 July 2021

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What a couple of scorching weeks we’ve had! It’s been great, and apparently looks set to continue into the foreseeable – perfect for some serious BBQ and Euros 2021 action! We ALL love a BBQ dont we?!

Ignoring if it starts chucking it down and you’ve gotta drag everything back into the house, the worst thing about barbecuing is all the prep. We all know this. Waiting for meat to marinade so it actually tastes of something other than that sweet, sweet taste of burnt, takes forever. And we’re all an impatient lot. 

As soon as that first piece of meat hits the grill everything seems right in the world again and Zouk knows this. They’ve taken away the hassle of having to season, marinade and the boring wait before a BBQ. All you have to do is pick your meat, fire up the barbie and wait for the delivery. 

The award-winning chefs at Zouk will season your selection of meat to perfection. Options include a range of Indian classics from chicken tikka skewers, tandoori king prawns marinated in crushed cumin and coriander, lamb chops coated in a secret Mughlai marinade and paneer skewers. There’s even the classic beef burger

The new BBQ packs mean you get a taste of Zouk right at home in your own back garden. What’s more, it’s just £25 for a box big enough to feed 5. That’s the whole greedy lot covered and it’s delivered straight to your door! 

The packs have been designed to take out all the stress of a BBQ, so get the beers in the fridge, the sunglasses (and the umbrellas out) and Zouk on speed-dial ready for your next al fresco affair.



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