The Manchester Union Lager Taproom is OPEN! Book now & get FREE BEERS!

The Union lager team have re-opened their brewery tap room...

By Manchester's Finest | 25 August 2020

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There’s no better place to have a beer than in the very place that it was created. Straight from the ‘teat’, the beer is ice cold and as fresh as you could probably ever get it without wrapping your gums around the tap.

This Saturday 29th August sees the Manchester Union Lager team open the doors of their Taproom and if you book a table and mention ‘Manchester’s Finest’ they’ll even give you 4 FREE CANS to take away too!

Another reason to go to the Taproom is that they practise the ‘7-minute Pour‘, which aims to “heighten all the senses” and make a big difference in the taste of the beer.

The ‘Pour’ starts with fast pouring the the beer straight down into the glass to pull a pint of foam, this will be about 40% liquid which will eventually settle out but it starts the process of softening the carbonation and breaking out the Co2.

This break out delivers pockets of aroma you just wouldn’t get through normal pouring, delivering Manchester Union’s unique spicy, citussy & floral aroma.

Once the first pour settles down the remaining foam condenses into stiff peaks like little lager pillows. We then top this up with a second pour about 3/4 up the glass.

The third pour, about 7 minutes in, completes the beer with a full pint of lager and a big fluffy head sitting proudly out over the top of the glass.

You drink through the foam with the malt sweet caramel liquid balanced out with the spicy, citrus & floral bitterness of the foam. A beautifully balanced drinking experience.


To book a table at the Taproom – click below. Don’t forget to mention ‘Manchester’s Finest’ for 4 FREE CANS to take away…

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