The 'Michelin-starred' Oyster Gin from Mana & Three Little Words

Three Little Words have launched two limited edition cocktails with the gin...

By Manchester's Finest | 28 September 2021

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Multi award-winning distillery, The Spirit of Manchester Distillery, has joined forces with Michelin-starred chef, Simon Martin of Mana, to create an OYSTER GIN – and to celebrate, they’re launching two limited edition cocktails and giving away FREE oysters.

The gin, Mother of Pearl, uses a unique selection of botanicals including oyster shells to capture the essence of ‘fresh seaside air’ in a spirit.

The unusual but tempting tipple is produced by distilling oyster shells from Simon’s Michelin-starred restaurant, mana, in Manchester, which would otherwise be discarded.

To celebrate the launch of Mother of Pearl Gin and oyster season, Three Little Words is adding two limited edition cocktails to their extensive menu, both served with a complimentary oyster – fresh of deep fried.

The Mother of Pearl Martini, a sophisticated take on a classic Martini combines the oyster gin, dry white vermouth, bergamot liqueur and a dash of lemon bitters (£11).

The mana Perfect Serve pairs Mother of Pearl Gin with Franklin & Sons Light Tonic (£9). Garnished with lime and basil, the G&T celebrates the citrus and woody pine notes of the gin which are underpinned by the essence of the seaside and allows the gin’s coastal aromas to shine through

Customers at Three Little Words can choose from a fresh oyster accompanied with shallot pickling, fresh lemon juice and a dash of tabasco, or a deep-fried oyster served in its shell with a homemade saltwater mayonnaise.

Three Little Words will use oysters from , where mana source their own oysters from.

Jimmy, Head Chef at Three Little Words, says: “This has been a really interesting way to explore the relationship between the distillery and Three Little Words, pairing a dish to a single spirit and such an unusual one.

We love an opportunity to throw out the “rule book” we’ve been taught about food and experiment with something unique that pushes the boundaries and encourages people to step outside their comfort zone. This gin and the “serve” with an oyster is making it about more than just food and drink itself but about how we can bring the experience of the wild British coasts and fresh sea air to our little corner of Manchester.”

The launch of Mother of Pearl Gin marks the start of oyster season, which runs from September to April, through every month with an “r” in the name.

Simon Martin, Chef-Owner at mana said: “It’s wonderful to see our Oyster shells, which are usually discarded, being transformed into something so unique and purposeful.

“Manchester Gin mirrors our ethos and methods to create a spirit which is balanced, refined, but above all, delicious”.


The Mother of Pearl Martini and mana Gin & Tonic will be available at Three Little Words from Friday 24th September until Sunday 31st October.

Mother of Pearl will be available to purchase for £35 per 500ml from Three Little Words, mana or online at Manchester Gin

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