The Proper Texas BBQ Joint right on Manchester's Curry Mile

Featuring easily the best beef brisket this side of the Mississippi...

By Ben Brown | 12 October 2021

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Regularly voted the greatest barbecue joint in the world by pretty much every single person who’s ever been, when I was in Austin back in 2020 a visit to Franklin Barbecue was an absolute MUST.

It opens up every day at 12pm, but you need to get there at about 8am to join the queue, make your order and get ready for the greatest BBQ’ed meats of your life. I can attest now that it was easily the best turkey and beef I’ve ever experienced – truly magnificent – and well-deserved in its top spot around the globe.

Franklin Barbecue (evidence of credentials)

So as someone who has ACTUALLY been to the greatest barbecue spot in the world, you should consider me as The Most Experienced Person in Manchester when it comes to proper Texas meats.

In Manchester, in my (definitely not humble) opinion, we’ve not had too much luck with top-quality barbecue joints over the years. We’ve been treated to a few decent restaurants (Cane & Grain, Red’s True Barbeque), but the closest we’ve ever got is the excellent Old School BBQ Bus which you’ll find on an industrial estate in Failsworth.

“Brisket like butter”

Things are looking up for lovers of Texas barbecue though, with the recent arrival of Pitmaster on Wilmslow Road on the Curry Mile – a proper BBQ joint that doesn’t mess around when it comes to the quality of their brisket and ribs.

They slow-smoke their premium beef brisket for a whopping 16 hours, and their ribs for 8 hours, meaning this stuff is super juicy and just falls apart at the slightest touch.

“Brisket like butter” is the holy grail of proper USA barbecue and this lot have smashed it.

Best of all, the brisket literally melts in your mouth, and they use it on a host of dishes, including their Smoked Brisket Melt Burger (£10.70) and this month’s Pitmaster Special (£14.49), or by the weight (100g for £9.50 – 300g for £28.50) alongside cold sides and hot sauce.

Their Ribs are premium high grade beef which is seasoned with their homemade dry rub, then slowly smoked for 8 hours. They’re absolutely massive and you can get a FULL RACK of 3 for £44!

Like all the best barbecue joints in the world, the sides need to be simple yet perfect, and Pitmaster is no different with Skin-on Chips, Jalapeño Bites and a banging homemade mustard Coleslaw with a hint of pepper spice.

In the absence of actually living in Texas, Pitmaster is a truly excellent addition to the city’s barbecue scene – and probably the best beef brisket you’re going to get this side of the Mississippi.

It’s is absolutely brilliant, and you’ll find it in one of the most unlikely of places – right in the heart if Manchester’s Curry Mile near Whitworth Park. They’re open every day from 3pm – 11pm and you can even order for delivery.

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