The SAME DAY City Centre Pick 'n' Mix Delivery Service!

What an 'effing great idea this is...

By Ben Brown | 8 June 2021

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We’ve ALL got great Pick ‘n’ Mix stories from the past. Whether it was nicking ’em from Woolworths, crying because you spent all your pocket money on two cables and some flumps, or going mental in Wilkos whilst hungover – Pick ‘n’ Mix is THE BEST.

And it always will be.

No matter how hard the likes of Cadburys and Bassett’s want us to buy those big ‘sharing’ bags of toffees and chocolates – having a bag of sweets with a mixture of things in there is always going to be better. Why do they think Revels sell so many bags?!

Okay, so here’s the gist of it. Some bright sparks have introduced a brand-new service to the city centre, one which delivers Pick ‘n’ Mix to your house on the very same day!

Called SWEET.Ancoats, if you have a postcode M1-M4 then you can get 3 bags of pick ‘n’ mix delivered the very same day after 6pm. No fuss, no mess and best of all – some toffees to scoff whilst you watch telly at night.

They’re calling it a No-Pick ‘n’ Mix because, naturally, there’s not much you can pick from when it’s all done online. You simply choose from a choice of FIZZY, NOT-FIZZY or COMBO and they do the rest. Your bag (or bags) will turn up at your doorstep after 6pm.

It’s a great idea and if it means that I don’t have to put my trousers and Crocs on to go to the shop after my tea – all the better!

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