The Spanish Supermercado delivered direct to your Casa!

La Bandera have opened up a new deli, and there are some truly wonderful Spanish delights in there...

By Ben Brown | 23 February 2021

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I miss being on holiday – and I’m sure that you’re the same.

After a couple of hours in the airport, few beers in the bar, some cheeky tins on the flight, you’ve finally arrived at your hotel. You plonk your bags down, maybe give yourself a little spruce up and where is the first place you go? The SUPERMARKET.

There’s no denying it – we ALL do it. Straight to the supermarket to see how much a bottle of gin costs, buy some ice cold beers for all the walking, get a massive bag of Lays crisps in some mad flavour, all topped off with some obscure Haribo sweets that you’ve never seen before and will likely never see again.

There’s something magical about foreign supermarkets, with all of the weird and wonderful ingredients, food and drinks – they’re a big part of any holiday. And I miss it. Lots.

Whilst we’re stuck in lockdown though, we’re going to have to make do with the next best thing, and receiving a package through the post has become a major event in most of our lives – as sad as it may seem.

That’s why La Bandera’s new DELI offering is so good – it combines the thrill of the foreign supermarket, with the thrill of a lockdown parcel arrival.

Offering delivery nationwide, La Bandera’s Deli is home to an eclectic range of top-notch Spanish goods, from stuff to spice up your Sangria, to bravas for your patatas – they’ve got the lot.

There’s Spanish Iberico cured meats, olive oils, vinegar, homemade sauces, smoked paprika, olives and best of all – Fried Egg Crisps – probably the greatest crisps ever made and certainly worth a try.

In addition you’ll also find some brilliant Spanish CHEESE in the deli, each one sourced from a small, independent cheesemakers including an outstanding Manchego with Truffle (£4.95) and a Queso Cer (£4.50) which is a unique blend of cow and goat’s cheese that is truly out of the world good.

The Deli also offers up some excellent KITS – a Paella Kit (£25) and a Churros Kit (£7.95); each one containing everything you need to make these Spanish specialties – perfect for bringing a bit of the Mediterranean into your kitchen.

As always, La Bandera are also offering up a truly impressive selection of small-batch Spanish WINES to be delivered too, and at the moment you can enjoy a very welcome 20% OFF your order of plonk. So what are you waiting for!?


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