The Workshop that teaches you how to make your own Portuguese Custard Tarts

Everyone loves these little Pastel de Nata...

By Manchester's Finest | 4 January 2022

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There are some truly wonderful venues in the city that offer up lip-smackingly good Pastel de Nata – those little Portuguese custard tarts that are always amazing and a proper naughty little treat.

There’s KBOM down at Hatch, Federal and, of course – Just Natas to name just a very small few.

The thing about them though is that I pretty much want to eat them ALL THE TIME, so wouldn’t it be great if you knew how to make them so you could have them any time you wanted?

Well, you should probably get involved in this online workshop then, where pastry chef and bakery owner João teaches you how to make the traditional Pastel de Nata at home.

João will share easy-to-follow steps and pro tricks to make your puff pastry using staple ingredients that you’re sure to have in your pantry already. You are welcome to ask all your questions, or simply watch, learn, and bake later at your own pace. And the best thing of all – you’ll have a load of Nata’s to eat at the end.

I really want one now.


Portuguese Custard Tart Baking Class

Dates: Saturday 15th January
Time: 5.30pm – 7.30pm
Cost: £15
Venue: Your Gaff

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