There’s a Wine and Crisps Evening Coming to Manchester this Month

Fans of the already popular food and beverage combination will be thrilled to hear about the new ‘Wine and Crisp Evening’ taking place at Open Kitchen.

By Emma Davidson | Last updated 20 September 2022

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Open Kitchen, the sustainable, zero-waste kitchen that sits inside the People’s History Museum is reinventing the supper club in a couple of weeks, with a new wine and crisps evening, which will see the humble snack paired with glasses of organic, low intervention wine. 

Following the same principle as other wine tasting events, ‘Chips and Sips’ will see guests led on a taste journey as they’re guided through each wine and learn how it compliments Northern classics such as Frazzles, Monster Munch and Wotsits.

The idea was formed when the eatery wanted to combat the ‘intimidating, snobby and bewildering’ nature that can come hand in hand with some wine tasting events. They said: “What better way to take all of the snobbery, and quite frankly the class, out of a wine tasting evening, than pairing beautiful wines with the likes of Wotsits, Frazzles, and some Monster Munch??”

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As always, sustainability will be at the heart of the evening, as co-hosts C&O Wines have selected a range of small, independent, family-run or cooperative owned vineyards. The brand has also selected wineries that have a focus on organic or minimal intervention methods, so hopefully that means a hangover free morning, too!

The wine and crisps evening is 100% vegetarian friendly, though guests with any specific dietary requirement are also welcome to attend, all they need to do is drop an email to Open Kitchen, who will then find snack alternatives that allow them to join in with the evening of dreams. 

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Tickets include five wines paired with the popular snack foods and further drinks will also be available to buy on the evening. A small plates menu will be in place for those who need a bit more stodge to soak up the booze!

Chips and Sips will take place at Open Kitchen on Thursday September 22nd at 7pm, with tickets costing £27.54pp.


Chips and Sips

Venue: Open Kitchen
Date: Thursday 22nd September
Time: 7pm – 11pm
Price: £27.54pp