There's now a Fried Chicken & ICE CREAM Sandwich at Yard & Coop!

The chicken specialists have created something actually mad...

By Ben Brown | 30 June 2021

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The VANILLA THRILLA is a fried chicken sandwich which comes topped with ICE CREAM! Yep, Yard & Coop in the Northern Quarter have gone truly bloody mad!

This new special, available for just a limited time in store, is essentially the strangest sandwich that we’ve ever seen, and is something that we’ve just got to try!

They get their legendary buttermilk chicken tenders and fry them in a cornflake crumb for extra crispiness.

They then pop them onto a fluffy toasted brioche bun, drizzle with honey and their spicy butter buffalo sauce and then do the unthinkable – spoon on a scoop of indulgent Clotted Cream Ice Cream from Manchester’s own Rogue Ice Cream.

It sounds ridiculous, but I can’t help it – I WANT to try it. I MUST try it. Screw it, I’m going over there now to get one. I’ll let you know how it goes…

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