This Charming Naan is back in the Northern Quarter with Indian Naan Calzones & Tacos!

The Indian-inspired street food pop-up is now putting its own spin on Italian and Mexican delicacies with its new summer dishes.

By Emma Davidson | 10 June 2022

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This Charming Naan has recently been residing in the ever popular Deaf Institute, providing gig goers and quiz legends with some of the greatest vegan Indian street food the city has to offer. 

But now, the restaurant has announced that it’s moving back to its original Swan Street location, as from today it will be available to order at Band On The Wall and its neighbouring venue, The Rose and Monkey Hotel

Armed with a brand-new summer menu, This Charming Naan has developed new dishes that take inspiration from the Mediterranean coastlines of Italy and the street food paradise of Mexico City – all still entirely plant based, too.  

Starting off with their ‘Naan’ inspired calzones, the restaurant hasn’t given up with their inventive, playful puns as the deep-filled parcels are given names such as ‘Sgt Pepperonis LHC’, ‘Bacon Into Heaven’ and ‘Johnny Marrinara’. 

Sgt Pepperonis is packed full of Jackfruit pepperoni, veggies, cashew nut ricotta, vegan mozzarella and marinara sauce and the Bacon Into Heaven is just as delightful, with lashings of meat free chicken and bacon, lettuce, cheez and ranch sauce. It’s honestly some of the best vegan food we’ve ever had the pleasure of eating!

Johnny Marrinara is filled with Meatless-balls, marinara sauce, vegan ricotta and mozzarella, and is then finished off with even more marinara sauce, making sure it’s oozing with tomatoey goodness. 

Alongside the new Southern Europe-inspired plates, This Charming Naan has also introduced tacos to the new summer menu that sit on top of mini Naan breads, instead of the traditional soft or crispy shells.

On the menu is the Magical Mushroom Tacos with soy glazed portobello mushrooms and pea guacamole, as well as The Bean Genie featuring black beans in a smoky chipotle madras sauce. Taking inspiration from the huge Happy Mondays hit, the restaurant’s Kinky Nachos make an appearance, too, consisting of a poppadom nacho chaat with tamarind sauce, raita, pakora sauce, bombay mix and diced onions. 

This Charming Naan is available from Band On The Wall and The Rose & Monkey Wednesday – Friday 4pm – 9pm and Saturday & Sunday 1pm – 9pm. No reservation or gig ticket is required for entry, just pop in and enjoy the delights of plant-based dining from one of Manchester’s greatest independent vendors!


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