Timperley's NEW Japanese Street Food Evening Menu with Rice Boxes, Noodles and Gyoza (and 25% OFF)

To celebrate the Japanese concept cafe extending its opening times, it’s offering diners 25% off when you quote ‘MCRSFINEST’.

By Emma Davidson | 12 June 2022

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Be Precious has been thriving since opening its doors a couple of months ago. The Timperley-based cafe offers an array of dishes, taking influence from Japanese street food and desserts to craft a unique menu using strictly natural ingredients. 

It has recently announced the addition of a brand-new dish to its main menu, the Japanese Stir Fry Noodle. This comes with stir-fried egg noodles with a selection of chicken, beef and pork, together with mixed vegetables, and topped with Japanese mayo, BBQ sauce, white sesame and Katsuo Bushi bonito flakes.

To celebrate the launch of this new dish, the cafe has extended its opening hours to 9pm for people wanting to grab some dinner to take away or sit in and enjoy. It is also offering Manchester’s Finest readers 25% off its entire menu from 6pm – 9pm Thursday – Saturday when quoting ‘MCRSFINEST’.

It also serves Japanese Rice Boxes filled with different meats and vegetables, as well as Gyozas, which are to die for, and come with either shrimp, beef, chicken or vegetables.

The restaurant is inspired by the five elements – metal, water, wood, fire and earth and bases its menu and whole concept around these, with the logo also taking inspiration from the hexagram (out of 64) from I-Ching, Book of Change. In this auspicious hexagram of connection, heaven and earth enjoy communion – their energy connects, much like the vibe in Be Precious.

Alongside its savoury dishes, the restaurant also specialises in a stunning selection of Bubble teas, Bubble Waffles and authentic Japanese Food, all of which are made without any artificial flavours or colourings. It has also introduced the popular Japanese dessert ‘Cream Puffs’ to its menu. The original secret recipe is learnt from a Japanese Chef and the dish is all homemade.

To claim the 25% off discount, customers must quote ‘MCRSFINEST’ in-store from the 13th until the 27th June across its entire menu. This is available Thursday – Saturday 6pm – 9pm. 


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