Who wants to try Pizza Doughnuts?!

Electrik in Chorlton have a revelation hidden on their menu - and I'm in love!

By Ben Brown | 12 March 2019

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A visit to Electrik in Chorlton is pretty much a bi-monthly event – either to check out their quiz/bingo mashup Quingo or to have a listen to some top tunes at their weekly One Deck Wednesday night.

They used to do them Yadda Yadda kebabs which were lovely, but they’ve recently changed their menu to pizzas – which is even more lovely.

The other day I was deciding what pizza to get and I spied (with my little greedy eyes) the following:

Gnocco Fritto (£4)
Salted doughnut with tomato sauce, Pesto Mayo and parmesan

Gnocco Fritto Vegan (£4)
Salted doughnut with tomato sauce, vegan cheese & crispy onions

Instantly I was intrigued and instantly I wanted them in and around my mouth. After what seemed like an eternity of waiting (but was in fact only 11 minutes 13 seconds) they arrived.

My feelings towards food is usually without covet but as soon as the bowl of soft fluffy doughnuts arrived at the table I knew things would never be the same again….

Light of my life, bringer of salty, cheesy goodness – my Gnocco Fritto, my love, my desire.
Without hesitation my hands were upon thee, scooping up your pesto and tomato virtuousness.
‘Twas before a hearty snuffle I savoured the taste…
The fluffy dough, an innuendo of sweetness, sharp parmesan and tangy tomato…
… and like that you were gone.

It must have been a record. A full plate of food disappeared in less than 3 minutes. A stunning treat for me, a rather disturbing sight for anyone who witnessed the display of adoration.

The Gnocco Fritto at Electrik – Pizza Doughnuts – go. Go my friends and feel your life complete.


Gnocco Fritto @ Electrik



Electrik Bar, 559 Wilbraham Rd, Manchester M21 0AE
0161 881 3315