The Weekly Drool #027 – Baked Camembert Sharer at The Bay Horse Tavern

A full wheel of melting Camembert for you and your mates at the Northern Quarter's proper boozer.

By Ciara Martin | Last updated 18 July 2020

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It’s March and somehow it still feels like we’re in the middle of December. It’s freezing and all I want to do is sit in a warm pub and eat nice food.

I’ve never really considered the starters at The Bay Horse to be honest with you, I’m usually set on filling myself up on the ginormous portion of battered haddock with chips because I just can’t stay away from that chip shop curry sauce.

It seems as though The Bay Horse Tavern has answered our prayers because aside from creating the best pies in Manchester (no, honestly) you can now order a massive baked Camembert Sharer – and it’s only £10!

MY GOD is it good. The cheese comes served plonked inside a wheel of crusty bread – which is perfect for dipping into the warm melting cheese.

The Camembert Sharer comes topped with rosemary, dried fruit and garlic – providing the perfect balance of flavours.

Melting cheese and crusty bread – need we say any more?

Sink a couple of red wines and you’ve got the dream meal right there – you can thank us later.


Baked Camembert Sharer 

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Venue: The Bay Horse Tavern
Cost: £10


The Bay Horse Tavern, 35-37 Thomas St, Manchester M4 1NA
0161 669 5799