We've brewed our own 'Northern Quarter Pale Ale'

With a suitable flavour profile that matches our championed neighbourhood.

By Steven Pankhurst | 15 April 2019

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During a visit to local brewing legends Beatnikz Republic last month we had a thought, we love a bloody good drink, so why don’t we create our own beer? How hard can it be?

So we casually suggested a collabo with the boys at Beatnikz and they were well up for it. Result!

We immediately got to discussing how we can create a beer that represents what we’re both about. We started with the Beatnikz focal pillars on the initial approach – Take inspiration from a single ingredient or geographical location and then develop that into a flavour profile that’s in line with the beer’s character. The geographical route seemed most appropriate to us, something that represents the neighbourhood that we both call home… The Northern Quarter.

The Northern Quarter is synonymous to what Manchester is all about – heritage, innovation and modernity; so it was integral to create a beer that was packed full of big, big flavours.

Typically when brewing beer the approach would be to use only one or two types of hops, but here we’ve gone with four…

El Dorado (notes of pineapple and mango)
Galaxy (peach and passion fruit)
Simcoe (earth and pine)
Centennial (citrus, grapefruit and lime)

A mix of the best in malt, freshest hops and peachy New England yeast has resulted in a hazy, juicy 5% abv pale ale that’s complex, packed with a big tropical and stone fruit flavour and has the most pronounced fruity taste and pillowy finish you can probably get.

We’ve appropriately called our genius concoction ‘The Northern Quarter Pale’ and have given it a suitable flavour profile to match…

Northern Quarter Pale takes note from the rich history of the championed neighbourhood, embodying strong, punchy flavours with a complex background of four different hops. It demonstrates creativity in the brew and inspires creativity in the drinking.

We think it’s brilliant, but we want to know what you guys think. So come and join us on Thursday at Beatnikz Republic for after-work tipple or two and give us some feedback! The first 25 pints are FREE to our lovely followers from 4pm, just come in and show the bar tender this article on your phone.

A word of warning though – it’s only available to the first 25 people – so you best get yourself in there early if you want to try this wonderful tipple. It opens at 12pm in case you’re wondering.


FREE pints of Northern Quarter Pale by Manchester’s Finest & Beatnikz Republic

Venue: Beatnikz Republic
Date: Thursday 18th April
Time: From 4pm
Cost: FREE to the first 25 people


Beatnikz Republic, 35 Dale Street, Manchester, M1 2HF