We've created Manchester's Finest Sandwich (with your help!)

This week we teamed up with the Deli at Harvey Nichols to create the ultimate sandwich...

By Manchester's Finest | 13 October 2021

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Everyone has their own idea of what the perfect sandwich is. There are just so many elements that go into creating a good butty that it’s sometimes easy to get a bit confused and end up ruining the whole thing.

One of the most important aspects of good sandwich making is balance. There shouldn’t be too much of any one ingredient, for fear of it totally overpowering the rest, and it’s vital that you let the different elements speak for themselves in every bite.

Another important thing about sarnies is the quality of your ingredients. Give me a ham sandwich made using Billy Bear ham and I’ll throw it right back in your face, a ham sandwich with 18-month matured Parma Ham though – gimme, gimme, gimme.

In an attempt to create the city’s Finest sandwich, we enlisted the talents of the Second Floor Deli Bar at Harvey Nichols, home of some of the city’s best fresh and local produce. We then asked YOU to choose the best ingredients to go into it – and let me tell you – it’s a beauty!

Kicking things off with easily one of the most important parts of any sandwich – the bread. Baked fresh every day at Ancoats’ bakery Companio, you chose the classic ‘Ancoats White Bread’, which was then topped with 18-month matured Parma Ham all the way from Italy.

The cheese came from Fen Farm Dairy in Suffolk – Barron Bigod in the style of Brie de Meaux.

You then added semi-dried tomatoes, and a Black Garlic Pouring Pickle from Harvey Nichols’ own range of contemporary condiments. It was then toasted and scoffed (by us) in approximately 20 seconds. After getting all of these images that is.

The sandwich will be kept on the menu at the Deli Bar until Sunday 17th October, so get yourself down there ASAP to give it a try.

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