We've found a Mexican Cheese Fondue (and you're going to love it!)

El Camino's Queso Fundido is every cheese lover's dream!

By Ben Brown | 2 September 2019

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Back in the 70’s you couldn’t move for people offering to fire up the Fondue set and get dipping into some cheesy goodness with all manner of chunks of fruit, meat and even other bits of cheese.

Well, I think it was like that. To be honest with you I wasn’t born until 1985 so this may not be true at all and might just be what I’ve gleamed from old movies and episodes of Starsky & Hutch.

But fondue has certainly maintained its allure over the years – there’s something magical about gooey, melty cheese that most people find irresistible and if Instagram stats are anything to go by – people will always love that ‘cheese pull’.

Well, a visit to The Cotton Factory last week has uncovered an absolute cheesy gem in the form of El Camino’s Queso Fundido – a kind of Mexican fondue that you just have to try as soon as you can!

Said to originate in the North of Mexico, this dish is extremely popular at parties, with many people adding chunks of meat and even some flaming booze into the proceedings.

The main appeal is the cheese though – with them dipping whatever they can into its golden folds – from tortillas to fries, hands, fingers and probably even whole faces after a few too many tequilas.

Well, you don’t need none of that at El Camino – they’ve got the classic mix of mozzarella, cheddar and chillies – all slowly cooked in a cast iron pan until it’s soft and gooey. Spicy, cheese and coupled with some crispy homemade tortillas – this is the ultimate cheese snack.

I mean – just look at these pictures and tell me you don’t want to scoff this right away!


Queso Fundido at El Camino

Venue: The Cotton Factory
Date: Available every day from 4pm
Cost: £5.95

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