Where to find the Perfect Spanish Gin & Tonic in Manchester

The Spanish take gin and tonics seriously - and you should too!

By Manchester's Finest | 26 September 2019

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Spanish gin and tonics are a work of art. Not just a glass of booze with some ice and a slice – they take them super seriously, so serioiusly that gin has become the number one consumed spirit in the country.

It may be down to the climate – nothing beats a gin and tonic when the sun is out, but it’s also the high quality of gins available from the country that have helped create a considerable ‘gin and tonic culture’ in the country – helped with the introduction of many small batch gins over the last few years.

If you’re looking to see how the Spanish do it, as well as trying some hard-to-find Spanish gins, then head on down to La Bandera for a true taste of the good life.

A true Spanish favourite, you’ll find bottles of Larios Gin in pretty much every single bar throughout Spain and for good reason. Double distilled in Malaga and Manzanares it’s made to the London dry gin recipe with juniper coriander and orange peel.

La Bandera also stock the brilliant Larios Rose, a 4x distilled premium gin that’s infused with strawberries to create a light and fruity gin that’s perfect on a sunny day.

A super rare gin that you’ll find behind the bar at La Bandera is Xoriguer, a cult gin that hails from Menorca. It’s been made on the island since the 18th century British occupation and is still made in wood-fired pot stills. It’s then rested in oak barrels before bottling giving it an almost smoky, peppery finish.

Another fruity number is the Puerto de Indias gin, a strawberry tipple that was made by accident after the creators tried to make a strawberry liqueur. It has notes of juniper and strawberry and is perfect with a Mediterranean tonic.

A bit of a wild card now that comes in a rather odd-looking bottle and all the way from Portugal. When mixed with tonic Sharish Magic Gin turns pink, offering up tastes of juniper, coriander, ginger cardamom, lemon peel and raspberry.


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