Win an entire YEAR of FREE Cocktails when you ask to see the Blind Tyger

You just need to find a particular inconspicuous, 19th century looking geezer reading a newspaper somewhere in the city, and the cocktails are yours for a whole year at Manchester's new low-key drinking den!

By Steven Pankhurst | Last updated 19 March 2019

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OK so we’re not going to make it too hard for you- so no need to traipse around the entire city looking suspiciously at every Tom, Dick and Harry with their head buried in the latest issue of Metro.

We’re going throw you a bone by live streaming the location on our Facebook page at some point on Tuesday 19th March, so make sure you have your notifications turned on.

You’ve probably guessed that the new secret drinking den we’re talking about is Blind Tyger. It’s influenced from a time long before the Prohibition when the Industrial Revolution was in full swing.

Ahh, the 19th Century with its streets clogged with smog and grime and little vagabond kids picking pockets. It was also a time where the great unwashed were also exposed to a range of new, exotic flavours, ingredients and techniques from faraway lands.

We’re talking ice, we’re talking sugar, we’re talking exotic fruits and all the other basic ingredients needed to make cocktails.

This means that instead of some manky gin made in a bathtub which definitely made you go blind, people were drinking weird and wonderful things which were the ancestors of fancy cocktails we drink today.

These drinking dens weren’t strictly legal and so to avoid anyone getting their collars felt by the bizzies, they’d advertise themselves as attractions – offering the chance for patrons to see a ‘blind pig’ or in this case a ‘Blind Tyger’.

This is where Blind Tyger takes its inspiration and what you get is a secret drinking den (complete with concealed entrance), modern twists on 200-year cocktails, table service and an overall good vibe.

Blind Tyger is opening its doors on Thursday 21st March with a launch party full of time-forgotten cocktails, music and all-around fun!

So as part of our live stream after the first person wins their years’ worth of cocktails, the next 20 people who turn up and ask to see the Blind Tyger will get free tickets to the opening party with drinks included.

Keep your eyes peeled and make sure you remember to ask to see the Blind Tyger!


Win a Year’s Supply of Cocktails at Blind Tyger
A Manchester’s Finest live stream giveaway

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Date: Tuesday 19th March 2019
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