World-Renowned New York City Bar to Take Over Schofield’s Next Month!

Attaboy was ranked one of the world’s best bars by 50 best bars back in 2017.

By Emma Davidson | 28 April 2022

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New York’s Attaboy is known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to cocktail creation. 

The downtown Manhattan bar often encourages customers to give their suggestions and preferences before creating unique, one-off drinks for them, alongside its Monday – Sunday menu that’s full of the classics.

Schofield’s has said that Attaboy is “a true institution where countless classic cocktails are created. We are beyond excited and humbled to have Sam, Michael and Haley behind the bar with us for the evening.”

Attaboy is definitely a bar for the more laid-back drinker, but nevertheless one that is passionate about spirits and carefully crafted cocktails. Its rustic, stripped back interior that features exposed brickwork and minimal fuss reflects its welcoming attitude, which it will no doubt be bringing to Manchester next month.  

The event will take place on Wednesday 18th May from 5pm – 9pm. A handful of reservations are available on the Schofield’s website, but they are predominantly a walk-in led venue, so if you haven’t booked in advance, make sure to get there early on the day. 

Schofield’s is now one of Manchester’s leading cocktail bars, run by bartender brothers Joe and Daniel Schofield

Their vision was always to create a bar within the city that reflected the luxurious drinking culture of the 1930s, when cocktail making was a mastery for the more sophisticated clientele. 

The bar is also situated in the iconic Sunlight House, a shining example of Manchester’s art-deco architecture, designed by architect Joseph Sunlight. The building is a true reflection of Schofield’s drinking culture, and is still, to this day, one of the city’s most iconic buildings. 

The Schofield’s x Attaboy event is the next in a series of speciality evenings currently being put on at the bar. They’ve also recently hosted the guys from Satan’s Whiskies in East London, a bar renowned for making some of the best drinks in South, as well as Tommy’s Margarita creator, Julio Bermejo

The Tommy’s Margarita is now one of the world’s most iconic drinks, which has gained true classic cocktail status over the years. The evening delved into the history of the drink, alongside its crafting with creator, Julio.

Schofield’s will no doubt be hosting more events like this across the next few months, too, so make sure to keep an eye on their Instagram for any further event announcements!


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