Zouk Launches Sizzling New Steak Menu

One of our favourite Indian restaurants Zouk has fired up the grill and added a selection of beautiful halal steaks to their menu with a twist…

By Steven Pankhurst | 9 August 2018

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It isn’t very often that you get to sample Indian flavours with beef. A lot of India refrains from eating beef for religious reasons, and other parts are entirely vegetarian.

We do not get to sample beef with delicious Indian flavours- so when we caught wind of the recently launched steak menu, it is safe to say we were more than a little excited for that colourful Zouk twist.

The menu isn’t a random afterthought either to keep curry-phobes happy. You can tell a lot has gone on into the selection- and it is impressive to say the least. Expect stunning cuts of meat like Fillet, T-bone, Tomahawk and Cote de Beouf just to name a few. Zouk has done things properly.

All these steaks are marinated in a unique blend of herbs and spices and then cooked to your liking over their hot coal grill. This locks in so much moisture and provides a charred tang on the meat which is utterly delightful.

These are sided with seasonal vegetables which are souped up with the inclusion of chilli, garlic and other spices to give them a little zing, and Maris Piper chips sprinkled with masala.

You can then choose a sauce to go with your steak, of which there are a few to choose from. Go for a classic peppercorn if you want to keep things traditional, but I urge you to throw in some serious Indian flavours with your beef for an incredible flavour experience.

The mushroom sauce is creamy with a mint hint of heat and a turmeric note riding through- this makes an excellent sauce for those of you who aren’t into spice. The Zouk sauce combines, onions, tomatoes, garlic and chilli which is perfect with a juicy steak.

Honestly, you have never had steaks like this before- Zouk’s new steak menu is an experience and a half.

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