Trilogy Pt 1 @Leeds Union

Trilogy sees Wax on and Metropolis join forces for a mini festival in Leeds

By Matthew Tyas | Last updated 10 October 2011

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Image copywrite Gary Brown

Leeds has always had a vibrant Dance scene, its roots have always been firmly set in House music but with the introduction of Drum and Bass and more recently Dubstep this has opened the way for a whole host of new dance nights across Leeds. Trilogy sees the culmination of Wax on and Metropolis, two of the North’s most prevalent nights, join forces for a mini festival set across four rooms within Leeds University Union. Boasting such names as: Ms Dynamite, Nero, and Annie Mac topping the bill the night was always going to have the recipe for success.

The night got off to a slow start with most of the rooms only catering to the most hardcore of ravers whilst most of the students necked their snakebite, however, they missed out on some of the early delights the night had to offer. An early highlight was Manchester’s own Northern Base opening the night with some classic Drum and Bass tunes, mixed with some fresh new cuts. Although not many people were there to appreciate this early gem the atmosphere in the room between the hand full of ravers was electric. Thank fully Northen Base made a second appearance later on in the evening, due to a delayed act, when Dean Silver was joined by his fellow DJ Wilf Prophecy. This set came right in the middle of our interview with the aforementioned act and meant that we were whisked away through back alleys and corridors of the venue to join them onstage for the set, looking out over a packed room and a crowd that were loving every record thrown down by the duo, their 30 minute fill set extending well over the allotted time.

After their set we had an opportunity to sit down with Wilf and Dean and chat about the scene, the culture and where it all began for them.

MF: So you guys are from Manchester? What nights do you go to?
NB: Actually Wilf is involved with with Metropolis at Wharehouse project and it is our 9th Birthday coming up soon.
MF: So is Manchester where it all started for you guys?
NB: Yeah, we met at Isa Bar in Manchester in 1997 and it all went from there, when it started it was all about Jungle and Garage. Raves weren’t as nice as they are now, you’d have to go wearing a bulletproof vest. From there we created our own style; we call it Disco House or Disco D&B.
MF: So from there it all just took off and went to where it is now?
NB: Pretty much
MF: So what’s changed since you started?
NB: It’s changed with how popular Dance has become now, it used to be that you would get a dubplate from a DJ and you would have it for a while before everyone else, so all the music you play would be new. Now because the big DJ’s have become acts they don’t really release White label they release it on Albums, so we don’t really get that stuff till a week or so before anyone can get it and it goes out of date really quick, so you need to keep an eye out for good new tracks.
MF: So what’s next for you guys?
NB: We’ve just finished a Remix of Ms Dynamite and a remix of Shine up by Degrees of Motion.
MF: Thanks for your time guys.
NB: No worries.

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Image copywrite Gary Brown

Other highlights of Trilogy included Brooks Brothers who really got the night going with some fresh tracks and a fantastic on stage presence. Ms Dynamite, Nero and Annie Mac did not disappoint their fans with great headline sets to cap off a successful night. Overall Part 1 didn’t disappoint, doing exactly what it said on the tin, good music, good people and Student priced alcohol. The layout of the venue meant that you could pick and choose your night, seeing only the acts that you wanted to see, and due to the fact that it was split over four rooms it didn’t mean that it was ever too busy for you to get in and get raving.

Part 1 down we can only hope to see what treats part 2 has lurking in the shadows for us.

Words: Tom Roberts


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