All Day Dumplings with Sen

- Isca Wines

All Day Dumplings with Sen
Isca Wines, 825 Stockport Road, Manchester, M19 3PN
Sun 26th Nov, 2023
12.30pm - 8pm

Sen Zhang is a passionate Chinese food enthusiast hailing from the serene village of Xiaodian in Henan province. Mr Zhang embarked on a remarkable journey that took him from a tumultuous youth to the charming streets of France 16 years ago.

Growing up in Xiaodian, Sen developed an early fascination with the rich flavours and diverse techniques of Chinese cuisine, often spending hours alongside family members in the kitchen, learning the art of preparing traditional dishes.

All Day Dumplings with Sen at Isca

Upon arriving in France, Sen Zhang encountered a whole new world of gastronomy, but his heart never strayed far from the scents and tastes of his homeland. Now, Sen finds himself in Manchester, eagerly preparing to share his family’s classic dumpling recipe with the world.

Head down to Isca to get a taste of authentic Chinese dumplings with the Parisian master of jiaozi.