Coffee & Poems Club with Louis Glazzard

- Feel Good Club

Coffee & Poems Club with Louis Glazzard
Feel Good Club, 26-28 Hilton St, Manchester M1 2EH
Sun 21st Apr, 2024


Published writer and coffee lover Louis Glazzard hosts Coffee and Poems Club, this time at Feel Good Club in the Northern Quarter. Louis hopes the sessions allow guests to enjoy great coffee, hear brilliant poems and try their hand at writing one.

In previous sessions, attendees rediscovered their passion for poetry, with some writing for the first time in years. Louis envisions the club as a space where the craft of writing not only inspires individuals but also serves the community in meaningful ways.

Louis said: “As a working-class writer, I’m dedicated to running our poetry club while also exploring ways it can aid food businesses and boost resources for local food banks. I’m considering a large-scale fundraiser at some point, but for now, I’m focused on experimenting. Each event will feature something new – surprise guests, unique templates, and more.”