In Transit presents Cura

- Smolensky Gallery

In Transit presents Cura
Smolensky Gallery, Building 21, 23 Quay St, Manchester M3 4AE
Tue 28th Nov - Sat 2nd Dec, 2023

In Transit presents Cura, its first exhibition in Manchester at Smolensky Gallery, which will also be available online. The exhibition showcases the work of women artists Arabel Lebrusan, Charlie Fitz, Latifah A. Stranack, Mira Hirtz and Naomi Harwin.

Cura brings together paintings, prints, sculptures and installations that unpack matters of care from the personal to the collective. The artists have produced the works with creative audio descriptions and used multi-sensory approaches – this means beyond seeing, you
can listen, touch and be a part of some of the works.