Fractured Lands by Seba Kurtis - Exhibition Launch

- Ancoats Studio

Fractured Lands by Seba Kurtis – Exhibition Launch
Ancoats Studio, Unit 2, Crown Ind Est, Manchester M4 6BN
Fri 21st Jun, 2024

Ancoats Studio and Moseley Art Consultancy present a new exhibition by Seba Kurtis, marking the first edition of an upcoming programme. Fractured Lands is both a lens-based and AI-generated exhibition, set against the backdrop of the West Bank, continuing Kurtis’ exploration of history and borders. In addition to his latest work, the show will feature past projects such as Lockdown, Drowned, Heartbeat, J’habiterai Mon Nom, Paraiso, Chemical Reaction and 700 Miles.

Director of Moseley Art Consultants, Andrew Moseley, explains: “Over the past decade, there has
been a noticeable shift in how photographs are disseminated and fragmented, reflecting divides in
faith, ethnicity, territory, and political affiliation. Fragments equally evoke the violence of war and the
recent development of AI technologies that exponentially transform the possibilities for image making
within and beyond the virtual space.

“In his series Fractured Lands, Kurtis appropriates and alters his own images he produced whilst in
the West Bank to foster a communal dialogue about control and conflict through the constraints of
visual language. Drawing inspiration from writers Ghassan Kanafani and Theodor Herzl, he explores
what reality could look like for lands and AI-generated histories that are constantly evolving and