Hip Hop Karaoke at Hello Oriental

- Hello Oriental

Hip Hop Karaoke at Hello Oriental
Hello Oriental, 2 Symphony Park, Manchester M1 7FS
Sun 1st Oct, 2023
4pm - 11pm


Think you’ve got the chops to chop down Kendrick? The nouse to nix Nicki Minaj? Well, calm down, you don’t. But for those who always dreamed of spitting their favourite bars in front of an adoring audience (and doing that thing where you pit the left hand of the crowd against the right, and then get the ladies to scream), here comes the legendary Hip Hip Karaoke, the London club night created more than 20 years ago that has toured the world and allowed hip hop fans to live out their mic-controlling fantasies.

Hip Hop Karaoke

Arriving in Manchester for the first time, DJ Rob Pursey and host Tama will be setting up camp at Hello Oriental, home of the now-infamous KOMPND brunch sessions. And while they can neither confirm or deny rumours of special guests who may or may not be related to the KOMPND crew turning up on the day, it should be a legendary evening of beats, rhymes, life, drinks and general rawkus-ness.

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